Donors meeting in Mar-a-Lago: Biden wants to run, Trump would win

US President Biden wants to run for a second term. His predecessor Trump is already diligently preparing for 2024. One of his advisors says that he “absolutely wants a revenge.” Trump currently has excellent prospects of success. What could a re-election campaign look like? “He can hardly do his job at the moment!”, It said […]

Republicans against Biden’s package: hour-long speech postpones vote

The US Republican Kevin McCarthy is supposed to speak only for a minute. But then his address lasts over five hours. The MP saves time with random topics – and ultimately achieves his goal with boos. With a speech that lasted for hours, the minority leader in the US House of Representatives forced the vote […]

"Get ready for Trump 2024": Hold still, don’t stir up democrats!

How do the Republicans get back to power? A billionaire meets with leading Conservatives and possible presidential candidates in Las Vegas on this issue. Trump holds back as much as necessary, but already has his fingers in the game. Donald Trump says he can no longer use his election campaign slogan from last year. “Keep […]