Russia launches retaliatory measures — RT EN

3 Feb 2022 2:32 pm Russian authorities will implement appropriate measures in response to the RT ban in Germany. The Berlin supervisory authority RT had previously prohibited broadcasting in German in Germany. Apparently, the broadcaster does not have the necessary broadcasting license. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, on Thursday announced retaliatory measures […]

EU sanctions on Russia target Moscow’s ‘strategic ambitions’ — RT EN

1 Feb 2022 8:24 am The planned EU sanctions package against Russia could deprive the country of goods that Moscow needs to realize its strategic ambitions. According to Brussels, the package will weigh heavily on the Russian economy and financial system. In his blog post, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell accuses Moscow […]

Ukraine denies reports of blood and medicines being shipped to country border from Russia — RT EN

1 Feb 2022 8:07 am Citing US officials, Reuters said Russia was allegedly delivering blood and medicines to the border with Ukraine. Kiev has now denied this information and described the report as “part of psychological warfare”. On Saturday, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maljar called the reports on her Facebook page that Russia was […]

Russia presents Schallenberg with Lavrov’s message on security guarantees in Europe — RT EN

31 Jan 2022 10:21 pm The Russian Embassy in Vienna passed the message from Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg. The document aims to clarify Moscow’s position on mutual security guarantees in Europe. The Russian Ambassador in Vienna, Dmitri Lyubinsky, announced on Monday that the Russian diplomats had presented a letter […]

Russia goes on the offensive

31 Jan 2022 21:07 A comment by Rüdiger Rauls Russia has made it clear to the West that it wants its security guaranteed. However, the question arises as to whether the Russian leadership actually believes that NATO will withdraw from the former Warsaw Pact states. Is Putin that naive or is he just playing gambles, […]