Starlink as a weapon? Musk’s satellite internet serving the military – China faces threats — RT DE

The services of the US satellite network Starlink are increasingly used by the military instead of by the civilian population. The Ukrainian army, the US armed forces and now apparently also the German army use Starlink for military purposes. China increasingly sees the system as a threat. Originally developed by Elon Musk for civilian purposes, […]

Serbia sees wave of bomb threats as pressure over position in Ukraine war — RT EN

Serbia recently experienced a wave of bomb threats. Anonymous emails have now been sent to several schools, shopping malls and restaurants. This leads to mass evacuations. The government links the threats to the Ukraine war. Recently there have been mass evacuations in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The causes were anonymous bomb threats, which mainly […]

“Russia will respond to strategic threats with lightning speed” — RT DE

28 Apr 2022 12:52 pm In a speech on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin justifies Russia’s policy and warns third countries against interfering in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has resources that no one else has and if there is a strategic threat, the response will be “lightning quick”. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed members of […]