China’s Corona policy is said to have fueled protests in the world’s largest iPhone factory — RT DE

24 Nov 2022 7:56 p.m On the Foxconn factory premises, workers are rebelling against their working conditions in the face of rigid corona measures. A lockdown was declared around the Chinese plant of the Apple supplier. Parts of the workforce are thus allegedly “locked up”. Now there were demonstrations again. The plant in Zhengzhou is […]

After Midterms – Biden feels stronger for confrontation with China’s President Xi — RT DE

13 Nov 2022 10:22 am US President Joe Biden sees himself strengthened by the result of the Midterms for further confrontation and probable escalation towards China. Biden meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Monday’s G20 summit. US President Joe Biden sees his position on China strengthened by the results of the US Congress and […]

German media spread fake news about China’s former leader Hu Jintao — RT DE

29 Oct 2022 7:11 p.m Former Chinese leader Hu Jintao was led from his seat at the party congress. The German media told their audience that this was public humiliation and degradation. As Overton magazine proves, this information is false. Source: © Li Xueren The leading German media have once again delivered an example […]

China’s trade with Russia grows over the year despite a drop in September — RT DE

25 Oct 2022 11:10 am According to Chinese statistics, trade between Russia and China fell last September compared to the previous month. Compared to last year, however, sales have increased by more than 20 percent. Russian-Chinese trade turnover fell in September compared to August, primarily due to a decline in Russian mineral fuel shipments. The […]

NATO targets China’s New Silk Road — RT EN

10 Oct 2022 4:21 pm In the recent unrest in Iran, the West has upgraded separatist activists in its reporting. Lavrov recently accused the US of intending to dismember Russia. The Afghanistan debacle and the Syrian conflict have proven that the strategy of regime change has failed miserably. Now NATO is aiming at dismembering the […]

China’s President Xi Jinping warns of color revolutions in Central Asia — RT EN

16 Sep 2022 8:51 p.m At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his comrades-in-arms “to oppose together any interference in the internal affairs of other countries under any pretext”. On Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his Central Asian neighbors against allowing outsiders to destabilize them through color […]

China’s largest real estate developer sees profits plunge 96 percent — RT DE

30 Aug 2022 4:46 pm China’s largest real estate developer Country Garden has suffered a massive profit slump. The company blames the “severe depression” on the Chinese real estate market. According to the company, “only the fittest would survive.” China’s largest real estate developer Country Garden Holdings reported a 96 percent slump in profits, blaming […]