AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament fails with a motion to abolish compulsory nursing vaccination — RT DE

25 Apr 2022 4:36 pm What happens next with compulsory vaccination in nursing? That was the question asked by the Saxon AfD parliamentary group in Dresden on Monday. However, a motion to abolish the controversial encroachment on physical integrity was rejected by all other parties in the Saxon state parliament. The parliamentary group of the […]

Group still cannot prove the effectiveness and safety of its mRNA vaccine — RT DE

16 Apr 2022 6:57 pm by Susan Bonath The vaccines against COVID-19 are effective and safe: politicians and the media undeterred justify their advertising and mandatory advances for the “pikse” with the narrative. Reports about people who have been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated in rows with COVID-19 disenchant the narrative, play it down, […]

Pharmaceutical group BioNTech reports net profit of more than ten billion euros – RT DE

31 mar 2022 06:15 am Last year, around 2.6 billion doses of the Corona vaccine from BioNTech were delivered worldwide. For the group, this resulted in a profit of 10.3 billion euros. Sales amounted to 19 billion euros. Source: © Boris Roessler/dpa The pharmaceutical company BioNTech from Mainz made a net profit of 10.3 […]

Russia bans Facebook group Meta — RT EN

21 mar 2022 3:22 p.m The Facebook group Meta has been recognized as an extremist organization in Russia, according to a court ruling. The Attorney General’s Office had filed a corresponding complaint. However, ordinary users should not be held responsible. Source: © SOPA Images A Moscow court on Monday classified the Facebook group Meta […]