Over 200 Afghans on board: the federal government starts another evacuation flight

The Federal Government continues to pursue its efforts to bring vulnerable Afghans to Germany. A charter flight with more than 200 people on board has now started in Pakistan. The mission remains “arduous and dangerous,” says Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Another charter flight is on the way to Germany as part of the efforts to […]

Many sources of money in Afghanistan: Taliban’s economic treasure? Not just opium

The Taliban are drug dealers and use opium to finance their campaigns. That’s what most people assume. But a new study suggests that they get most of their money differently: taxes, toll stations and import duties fill their coffers. The international Airlift to Afghanistan is over, the remaining people are on their own. From now […]

Escape from the Taliban: Pakistan no longer wants to take in Afghans

The Pakistani ambassador to Germany has announced that his country will no longer accept Afghan refugees. Now it is the turn of “richer and larger” countries, says Mohammad Faisal. The cancellation comes shortly before Federal Foreign Minister Maas visits Pakistan. After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany rejected the admission […]

Neighboring states need help: UN is expecting 500,000 refugees from Afghanistan

After the Taliban came to power, many people in Afghanistan see fleeing abroad as the only way to escape the Islamists. More than 5 million refugees already live in neighboring countries – more than half a million could follow this year alone. The United Nations is preparing to flee more than half a million people […]

"New nuclear risks": Bolton: Taliban want nuclear weapons

Trump’s former security advisor Bolton has sharply criticized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. The takeover of power by the Taliban threatens “new nuclear risks,” according to the ex-strategist. Because the Islamists have been interested in nuclear weapons for many years. John Bolton, former US security advisor, warns of a Taliban grab for nuclear weapons. “New […]